Mount Iwaki
(岩木山 Iwaki-san) is astratovolcano located in western Aomori Prefecture, Tohoku, Japan. It is also referred to as Tsugaru-Fuji from its shape. The mountain is listed as one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains in a book composed in 1964 by mountaineer/author Kyūya Fukada. The mountain and its surroundings are located within the borders of Tsugaru Quasi-National Park.(From Wikipedia)
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Iwakiyama Shrine
Iwakiyama Shrine (岩木山神社 Iwakiyama jinja)is a Shintō shrine in the city of Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. It is the ichinomiya of former Tsugaru Domain. All of Mount Iwaki is considered to be a portion of the shrine.

The main festival of the shrine, the Oyama-sankei, features a parade from the shrine to the top of the mountain, and is held annually at the time of the autumn equinox. The pilgrims carry colorful banners and are accompanied by traditional drums and flutes.(From Wikipedia)

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Oyama Sankei

This was designated as a national significant intangible folk cultural asset in January 1984. This is the largest autumn festival in Tsugaru, held to pray for a bountiful harvest and the safety of family members. On the day before August 1st by the old calendar, Let’s Walk: Oyama Sankei is held, in which people walk the approximately 6 km from Hirosaki City Iwaki Office to Iwakiyama Shrine as a group.

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